My Life Be Like:

IMG_0511A Teeny Intro:

I’ve always known I love learning about other peoples’ lives, but I just recently realized I also enjoy sharing mine with others! This is my first ever blog post, but I bought the domain to so Hayyyyy! This will be a mostly informal writing space where I embark in the use of sarcasm and sometimes use language that most southern belles do not, so if you’re just here to critique my ELA mistakes, “Bye, Hater.”

Big Thangs Poppin’:

I just recently made a huge decision…to stay where I’m at for another year. If you know me, you know this is huge because staying still is really hard for me. I never, in a million years, thought that I would be staying in Huntsville for a 3rd year, let alone a 4th! However, I sat down and made a legit pro/con list that led me to realize I was actually pretty happy here (even if I didn’t want to see it just yet.)

I am terrified of getting stuck in a routine, where I am simply working and living, rather than growing and adventuring.

What I actually realized was that moving does note equate to growth. While I was not expecting to find any huge growth opportunities this year, they have certainly found me! I have an amazing principal who trusts her teachers, two STELLAR teammates that teach alongside me, and I have recently found myself loving CrossFit Huntsville (and all of the beautiful people there) too much to abandon ship this early! I also have a chance to teach in the same grade in the same classroom for another consecutive year, which is something that I have never been able to do in my 3 baby years of teaching. I can only imagine the growth I can achieve as a teacher during the next school year, and I cannot wait! (Not to mention I will no longer be taking night classes for Grad School!!) I am also really stoked about finally starting a 5K club for students at my school next year! I feel the same way about continuing with CrossFit; I have seen such a change in my mental (anxiety was on fleek) and physical health in just 5 months of being a part of their supportive community.

While I am happy about being here another year, Huntsville still does not feel like my forever home. I have major travel goals (more on those later) that I plan to knock off of the bucket list pretty soon, so I am actively saving as much as possible this year in order to take some time off the following year (subject to change, as is all of this beautiful life.)

Life is wonderful right now and I need to make sure that I acknowledge that, and do not take it for granted. I just turned 25, graduated with my Masters in Elementary Education, and I shower semi-regularly.

I’m excited about marinating in this moment for another year. Let the growing begin!  




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