Yell Nice Things at People

Here’s a joke: Shelby Bray joined CrossFit and hasn’t quit for 6 whole months.

Spoiler alert!!! Not a joke.

I cannot believe that I have stuck with this commitment. I’m really not even sure how I got it in my head that I needed to start CrossFit. One day the idea just kind of popped in there and it was literally a life changer. Yes, I have seen a major physical change in my body, but I have always loved my body. Minus a few unnecessary insecurities, I am pretty body positive and I’ve grown to love all of myself, even the parts that jiggle. However, what I am most psyched about is the mental health change that I have seen in myself. When I say anxiety was ON FLEEK…that’s an understatement. Juggling being a 3rd grade teacher and going to grad school full time, plus…LIFE outside of these things (people seem to forget about that part), was taking a major toll on me. Making simple decisions was almost impossible for me. I would literally just have to pause and stare into space while trying to figure out solutions to simple tasks that should take no brain power. Now, I’ll always be a bit of a wacko, because it’s just in my blood, but I feel like I have gained control over so much more of myself recently, and it feels fantastic.

There are a few things that have contributed to this, but CrossFit overall has been a game changer for me. By the end of my first class every single coach new my name, and from that day on they have greeted me with the most welcoming of hellos, (I mean if they had ulterior motives, they could easily have a cult following.) Everyone in that building challenges me to do things that I would never choose to do on my own. They literally believe in my ability to succeed even more than I do. Putting that type of faith in another person pushes them to a level of accomplishment that they can’t even envision on their own. Today, after a series of sucky workouts this week, I was the LAST person finishing the WOD (workout of the day.) I had 45 seconds left to finish before the time was going to run out, (I just wanted to keep moving, finishing was not on my mind) but it was on everyone else’s! All of my teammates started cheering me on, counting my final kettle bell swings. With a serious “YAWP!” (Shout out to the Dead Poet’s Society) I finished my last swing on the literal last second. Their belief in my ability pulled a level of greatness from within me that I didn’t know was there. This is the feeling that I leave with every day that I walk out of their building.

So here’s my thought:

Why can’t we make people feel this awesome ALL. DAY. LONG?

I don’t care about any of these “cry it out,” “tough it out,” “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” theories. Forget all that. You should tell people every day how freaking awesome they are..and help them become better at the things aren’t so awesome at. You should hug the crap out of the people you love and be your friends’ biggest cheer leader, even if you don’t quite understand their goals. When you love people aggressively, and without hesitation, it changes something inside of them for the better. I’ll be the first to say that I want to be improve at this, but wanting to get better is all you need!

Now go yell nice things at people until they feel like the HULK.

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