The Summer of 1000 Hugs. 

This summer I worked as a CMA (Corps Member Advisor) alongside  12 amazing Teachers during Teach For America’s summer institute in Atlanta. That’s a fancy way of saying I fell in love with hundreds of people over the past six-ish weeks.

 That feeling you get when you hug someone so perfectly that your whole head sinks into their chest and you feel like one person; That’s the way that institute makes me feel. All of these wonderfully brilliant, bold, honest, forgiving, unique, and beautiful humans wrapped me up in their lives and we became one this summer. I am unable to describe the amount of growth and change that I’ve experienced over the past few weeks, both professionally and personally, but it is all because of the amazing humans that I shared that time with. 

Humans that..

Float down the river with you. Take you to AT&T when your phone sinks to the bottom of the river. Bandage your toe when your shoe fills with blood. Hug you when you just need to touch a human. Leave shout outs in your mailbox. Laugh at you when you run into furniture. Brunch with you when you need to grub hard. Check you when you need it. Stop knocking before coming over, because the answer is always yes. Call uber when it’s time to go home. Lend you their buzz card so you can wash clothes. Apologize when they make a mistake. Move the furniture so we can do Insanity with ShawnT. Approve of you eating multiple meals in the cafeteria (because, free food!) Leave unbelievably kind notes on your dresser. Make your bed after borrowing it. 

Demand that we take moments of silence to acknowledge the inexcusable and repetitive violence on oppressed communities. 

Eat late night icecream at Jenies. Teach you how to use a charcoal grill. Let you borrow their clothes. Quote the same song lyrics over…over…and over. Run through the sprinklers with you. Tell you their secrets. Keep your secrets. Have patience with you. Eat Nutella off of spoons with you. Dance with you. Drink with you. Vent with you. Zombie with you…because what is sleep? 

Join you and push you on the journey to disrupt negative and false perceptions of our students.

Call you on the way home because they know that you are legitimately anxious to return to your normal life without them next to you.

All of these individuals started out as my colleagues, but before I had time to call them my friends, they grew into family.

I wish I had a selfie with every one of you.Thank you so much for sharing your summer with me.It’s not goodbye, it’s see ya later! 

I love you. 

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