Things my Mom Never Did.

Today my mom sent me this picture to remind me it’s time to start planning my next adventure. The core of my soul is fueled by exploring and she makes sure I tend the fire. 

People always say “My Mom is my best friend,” or “I don’t know what I would do without my Mom!”I need you to know that I actually do not know what my life would look like if my Mom wasn’t in it. I literally believe I would be a completely different human being, on a completely different path, if it wasn’t for my amazing mother. When I think about what makes my Mom the certifiable world’s best, it’s not because of things she did, it’s because of all the things she didn’t do/hasn’t done.

There was a time in elementary school where I played a different sport every year. In 4th grade a played basketball (I use the word “played” very liberally here.) In 5th grade I swam. At some point I tumbled. Then finally, one day, I found the world of theater and she literally drove me an hour to and from acting classes just so I could be around people who wanted to play pretend as much as I did. Shortly after that I thankfully found a family of theater weirdos just 3 miles down the road.

When I went to college (and almost didn’t) she never had an opinion about where I should go or what I should major in. She literally just listened to me sort out the millions of interests, which I tend to circle through, until one finally grabbed me and held on.

When I described to her this inate longing to get on a plane and go somewhere new,  this internal need to be surrounded by absolutely nothing familiar, and just soak in buckets of newness, she never discouraged it. When I feel homesick for places that I’ve never been, and miss people that I’ve never met, she doesn’t try to make sense of it. She helps me get to those places and meet those people. 

At 25 years old, in the southern United States, my mother has NEVER asked me “When are you getting married?” ” Don’t you want to settle down?” “When am I going to get a grandchild?” ” Are you seeing anyone?” If you don’t understand the significance in the sheer lack of harassment in this area, ask any single woman doing well in her profession, over the age of 20, and we can fill you in. 

I am so grateful for everything my Mom has done for me, but the things that she hasn’t done are even more significant. To have a mom who has never once in my life discouraged my need to explore, and touch, and feel, and taste the entire world, has truly been a dream come true. I can only imagine how exhausting it has been, but thank you, thank you, thank you. 

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