Do what, go where, and be with the people who bring you up

I have never felt more immediately welcomed and loved into a home, or group of friends than with you guys.

As my plane left, I felt a tear fall down my face. “What the hell is this?” I thought to myself. “You barely spent a week here!”…I cried more than once during my 19 hour journey back “home” (and trust me, this IS  NOT a bodily function that I’m particularly familiar with), but it wasn’t just for the place I was leaving (now don’t get me wrong, there was at least once good tear in there for the beautiful island), but mainly for the beautiful humans I was parting with so soon. Over the past year (longer to be honest) I have struggled so much with questioning the details of my life; my career choices/the city that I live in/where I’ll be in a year, and what I’ll be doing, etc. If I have learned anything from this wonderful experience with all of you, it is to simply do what brings me joy. Whether it’s a simple immediate choice, or a journey that you need to trek, simply do what, go where, and be with the people that bring you joy. All the rest will fall into place along the way. I’m so lucky to have crossed paths with you friends, it’s exactly what my heart needed in this moment. All I can do is send so much love and light to everyone that shared Maui with me over the past week.

Here a just a few “thank you’s

Thank you for extending an invitation! Thank you for joining me on another journey:)


Thank you for this magical Hawaiian IPA.

Thank you for planning such an amazing  first few days! This was such a fun hike

Thank you for letting me stop and take in the views!…and stop again…and again!


Thank you for BOOZE CRUISES!! and shopping  afterwards 🙂img_1984

Thank you for Shaved ICE!

Thank  you for nude beaches and drum circles.


Thank you for snorkeling, parrot fish, and lots of aloe vera.


Thank you  for talking me into resort crashing! You’re right, there is a difference between a free beach and a resort beach…..

Thank you for getting us the local hookup (free) snorkel  gear, and spending your day off with me!…Oh yea and PIE!!img_2424


Thanks for sea turtles ❤img_2068-1

Thanks for waterfalls behind the scenes.img_2080

Thanks for sweet crepes!!..and savory crepes!

Thanks for the wonderful Road to Hana 🙂


…and more viewsimg_2140

Thanks for rainbow trees!img_2147

Black sand beaches..img_2164

..and red sand beachesimg_2232

Thanks for making sure I got too see a Monk Seal!img_2274

Thanks for taking me on a Luau date!


Thanks for letting  me tag along to work!

Thanks for introducing me to these  amazingly wonderful creatures!


Thanks for ACAI BOWLS! img_2423

Thanks for last minute bike rides to the beach!

Thanks for sunsets!


It’s not goodbye, it’s see ya later! All my light and love Maui Friends!

Love, Shelbylynn (said as one southern blurr of a sound). XOXOXO

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