Find joy where you are.

There is joy everywhere. Sometimes it’s easy to feel and sometimes I have to go on an all out search for it. These are some things that bring me joy no matter where I am.

I hope you can find some today wherever you are!

I love..

the sound of a train rushing through a silent southern night.

watching my students in moments of joy.

the smell of steam from a cool rain hitting a hot driveway.

making people laugh.

feeling so tiny in a new amazing place, that I can hardly breathe in the new air. 

the smell of my Mom’s hugs.

birds nesting near my house.

catching up with old friends in new places. 

staying up past miserable tiredness because no one wants the moment to end.

street art.

finding a book that I love so much it makes me late to things.

seeing my body get stronger. 

the feeling of sticking my arm down in a bucket of (coffee beans, buttons, etc.)

finding my way around a new place all alone. 

putting a dog’s face right next to mine.

an arm full of bracelets.

being completely underwater.

being sore the day after a workout.

feeling the sun on my shoulders (with spf of course).

when my friends check my biases.

crossing things off a checklist like a serious adult. 

sinking into my bed with no impending alarm.


learning new words.

meeting new humans.

dry erase markers fresh from the package. 

when a song completely throws me back into a past feeling connected to it. 

looking through pictures and reliving their moments. 

three-way phone calls with my friends who are far from me. 

a perfectly packed suitcase.

late night thunderstorms.

a really clean bathroom. 

driving with the windows down. 

taking risks.

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